Git Branching and Tagging Practices

Generally speaking we adopt Vincent Driessen's very excellent Git Branching Model which is expressed far better in that link than I can do here.

We're encouraging the use of GitFlow to help follow the branching model above.  There is no apt installer for it but the simple Linux install instructions in the README for Gitflow work fine.

How to merge changes from a branch to the trunk

Basically we are creating a patch to run against the trunk. To do
this we must first create a patch containing the changes since the
branch was forked. For a more complete understanding of the process
please read


SVN Branching and Tagging

For the most part we use standard SVN Branching and Tagging techniques.  Some local consideration and notes should be considred and are further diagramed below.

Branches should be created to encapsulate code changes for a user story.

Multiple User Story Branches comprising a single release should be merged into a Release Candidate Branch

After merging development branches should be removed from the repository