New Software Team Member Orientation

In addition to the general library Orientation Checklist, new Software Engineering Team members should also be given an overview of our standard practices and proceedures as well as have overall expectations explained.

These Include:

Overview of Environment

  • General Development Best practices (encapsulation, program to interface, reusable, the Zen of Python, etc...)
  • Overall Tech Stack and resource to study and learn them (Python, Django, PHP, Zend Framework, Java)
  • Discipline in the process, peer review and responsibility.
  • Version Control, Interaction with Systems to deploy (Get them added to GitHub Organization)
  • Overview of working with users directly as part of being a Library Employee
  • Best Practices Training and Resources

Explaination of our overall Agile Planning Process

  • Releases
  • User Stories
  • Stand-Up Meetings
  • Weekly Iteration Meetings
  • Iteration Reports

Orientation to Estimation

  • Storypoints Overview and Ideal Tasks
  • Group Estimation Process

Orientation to our Testing

  • Overview of Unit Tests
  • Introduction to Hudson CI server

Code Review

  • Using GitHub Code Review Process.
  • Advice on feedback for code review.

Subversion and Version Control


  • Minimum Documentation Standards
  • Sphinx and RST
  • TechKnowHow Blog

Other Items

  • Jabber Client
  • ActiTime
  • Access to Systems
  • Orientation to Listserv (add to libsys-l and libsys-dev)
  • Add 3 & 6 Mo Evals to Calander and inform them what those will be like.