Rushdie Archive Meeting

Met with group to firm up clarity on Rushdie project and such.  Taking freeform notes and such, nothing here is to be taken as a contract or project plan.

Essentially talking about deliverables and beginning project planning and other items.

Some initial brainstorming documentation circulated.

Short-Term Goal:  (~Feb 2010) To have access to a non-networked emulated environment on undefined number of laptops.  

Security concerns:  Unredacted materials cannot be connected to a network in any way.  Redacted material is controlled under whatever methods are satisfactory on copyright security.  We seem a bit unclear on this and we'll table the discussion for a later date to ensure adherance with the spirit and letter of agreement. There is a restriction document that details the agreement of what is to be restricted.  This document will be sent.

Some short Term deliverables:

  • Build a way to pull a list of files from the designated system.
  • Build a list of what can and can't be read easily with a search script.
  • Aggregate files that can be searched into a folder controlled in accordance with security protocol and provide way for MARBL staff to access this.
  • Provide (recommend/code) a tool for searching across files for via keyword.

More comments on security:

To emphasis the importance of security again, it is understood that members of this team cannot and will not discuss the contents of this collection in any way, shape or form with persons outside the project.  Furthermore discussion of the collection internally should be carried out in an appropriate matter at all times.

Very high level overall

Between Now and August:

  • A list of files we wish to include in the initial launch.
  • These files need to be reviewed and redacted.
  • Methods for redacting and producing secure files should be in place by beginning of June.
  • Come up with recommendations for porting redacted files back and forth between formats by End of June.
  • By Mid June want to have written requirements for Searchable Text Interface and Emulated environment for the Nov Launch.

We will start to meet every Thursday to keep track of process and progress on the project.  Bi-weekly we will have a short (10 min) review of our process to talk about what is working, what isn't working and what we want to change about how we're doing what we're doing.