Meresco metadata aggregation framework (for portal building)

I stumbled across this (MERESCO) on a listserv.  It is similar to what Southcomb is designed to do, in that it is used to aggregate OAI-PMH, RSS and Web site metadata into a single portal, which has social networking functions built on top.

The tools are all open source, and for the most part based in Python

MERESCO is a next generation library of components for (meta)data management.

It supports creating flexible, scalable and open (meta)data
management systems such as repositories, search engines and archives.

It has been developed in the Netherlands by SURF-foundation, SURF-net,
KennisNet and CQ2. It actually is a larger library of components for
metadata management (including data normalization, integrated and
facetted search etc), but one of the earliest set of components
contains a complete OAI harvester with Web UI.

For general information see

For the harvester in particular see

It is all Open Source and actively developed.  SURF-foundation
organizes a conference on MERESCO September 29th 2009.